5 reasons why summer is the best time to book your chimney sweep

Once the burning season has ended, most people don’t give their stove or fireplace a second thought until they want to use it again.

But that’s actually the last thing you should do. Summer is in fact the ideal time to get your appliance swept and serviced.

Here’s some reasons why, far from putting it to the back of your mind, taking action at this time of year will actually save you a lot of stress, and possibly money, further down the line.

Helps Prolong The Life Of Your Chimney/Liner
When you burn wood, coal or smokeless fuel, it creates soot deposits in the flue. Soot is acidic and over time corrodes every type of flue. It will attack brickwork, clay lined flues and stainless steel liners which creates leaks, and potentially lethal carbon monoxide poisoning. In fact, stainless steel liners are more susceptible than most to corrosion which, when you think about it, makes sense. Getting your chimney swept after its final use of the season will help prolong its life.

Shorter Waiting Times
From August through to February, most sweeps are incredibly busy, and you can end up waiting weeks for an appointment. Outside of these times, it’s a bit less manic so waiting times tend to reduce. There’s nothing worse than having to wait weeks and weeks at a time when you want to start using your appliance again. Beat the rush, get it done in summer.

Identifies Problems Early
Similar to the previous point, every flue will have an issue at some point in its life. Even if your fire seems to be working well, dangers can lurk out of sight, such as flammable tars and creosote in the flue. Sweeping usually uncovers the issue, and some are so serious that repair works may need to be undertaken before you can use the appliance again. In the busy season, this can mean not only weeks for an appointment in the first place, but more waiting for the repairs to be done. The ‘downtime’ for your appliance can stretch into months – precisely at the time you want to light it.

Good weather for repair works
It might seem like a bold thing to say about the UK weather, but summertime usually (!) brings with it some better weather. This means that any repair works, particularly those which require roof access, are easier and safer to carry out in the summer. Some sweeps won’t go on roofs in the winter, due to the bad conditions. You’re then stuck with an appliance which can’t be used until the good weather comes around again. Another reason why a summer sweeping appointment is sensible.

It guarantees a roaring fire for Christmas
Most people want their fire on over Christmas. It makes perfect sense as it’s the time when most people are at home. Unfortunately, some leave it to the last minute to book an appointment, and that is very risky. As a sweep, there is nothing worse than going to a customer in peak season and telling them that their appliance is not only unusable, but there little/no chance of it getting fixed for Christmas. This can range from it being a dangerous install to there being no chimney stack (yes, that has happened more than once!) Don’t be left cold this Christmas, book your sweeping appointment as early as possible!

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