Bird Trapped In Chimney: What You Should Do

Pigeon rescued from Stockport chimney by Mr Soot

It’s not uncommon for birds to end up in chimneys. The most common reason is because they have built a nest. However, occasionally birds can fall down the chimney, and become trapped.

If this happens, you need to act quickly. Birds will very rarely be able to escape from the chimney of their own accord – they need rescuing.

It’s important to understand that if the bird isn’t rescued, it will die. Not only is this cruel, but also causes problems for the homeowner or tenant. It will attract flies, bluebottles and an unpleasant smell, not to mention becoming a potential health hazard.

In short, it needs to be removed.

The method of removal depends on the type of appliance you have, but it requires an expert such as a local chimney sweep to carry this out for you.

I recently removed a pigeon from a chimney. It had fallen down the 9 metres long flue and was trapped just above the stove’s register plate.  By the time we got there, it had been trapped for three days. Left any longer, it’s dehydration levels would have risen further and it would have died.

Sensibly, the homeowners called us out and we managed to rescue the pigeon. Luckily, it was in reasonably good health and after about 30 seconds of getting its bearings, it flew off.

So if you suspect there is a bird trapped in your chimney, call in your local chimney sweep and they will help not only rescue it, but ensure your flue is clear.

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