On Air! David launches brand new Trade Entrepreneur podcast this weekend

Mr Soot Chimney Sweep’s owner is launching a podcast for budding entrepreneurs in the trades sector this weekend.

The first episode of Trade Entrepreneur will go live on Sunday on platforms such Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

It’s believed to be the first time a British chimney sweep has launched an audio podcast, and comes hot on the heels of recent national media publicity for Mr Soot Chimney Sweep.

David said: “What a start to 2022! It’s been non-stop at Mr Soot Chimney Sweep over the past few weeks.

“Not only have we launched a dedicated careers website for budding sweeps and technicians entering the trade, we’re now very excited to be pioneering a podcast – again aimed at people who want to develop professionally and personally.

“It really fits in with our vision of being open and communicative not just with our customers, but with our contemporaries and peers in our own industry and beyond.”

David said the idea for a podcast first came while researching similar broadcasts about business growth and expansion.

“What I found is that while there is a lot out there for white collar business, there isn’t so much for trades, especially in the UK.

“I’m passionate about raising standards of business practice and the customer experience in the home trades sector.

“It’s something which seems to have been overlooked until relatively recently. However, with a new generation of entrepreneurial people entering chimney sweeping, and other trades, it’s now being talked about more than ever before.”

The podcasts, which are scheduled to be broadcast weekly, will see David sharing his knowledge and experience of business and marketing.

There will also be some special guests joining David on the programme to give their thoughts on business and the future.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing how Trade Entrepreneur develops,” added David.

“I listen to podcasts regularly, and find them a very engaging medium compared to videos and blogs. You get a better sense of the person at the other end of the mic and, consequently, it’s a much more personal experience.

“Hopefully, this will encourage other tradespeople to start their own podcasts and, together, we can learn, grow, and raise standards across industry together.”

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