Company News: David ‘Honoured’ To Help Train The Next Generation of Professional Guild Chimney Sweeps

Mr Soot’s founder will help train the next generation of entrepreneurial soot-busters after being appointed a Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps Trainer.

David, who started his business as a one-man, seasonal, part-time round, has grown it into a full-time, all-year-round, multi vehicle operation with employees.

The Mr Soot brand is now firmly established as one of the fastest growing sweeping, inspecting and testing companies in the UK, and recently announced its expansion into Liverpool, Sefton and Widnes.

For commercial contracts, the Mr Soot team has a nationwide presence.

David is among a batch of new Guild trainers across the UK, and will carry out his role as a Guild trainer alongside his day-to-day duties at Mr Soot Chimney Sweep.

He said: “Having been a newbie myself, I recognise the important role Guild trainers play in your learning and development.

“The Guild’s professional outlook and ethos is a real benchmark. The training it offers to new sweeps is widely regarded as being among the best in the industry, and I’m honoured to be part of it.”

As well as the sweeping side, David is looking forward to sharing his own experiences of building a sweeping business from scratch.

David led a business seminar at last year’s Guild show (pictured above) in his capacity as co-founder of Burnright.

“Starting out as a new sweep can be a tough time. Along with learning new practical skills, people are having to grapple with launching a new business. This is a whole different skill set in itself but one which can get overlooked.

“You can be the best sweep in the world but, if you’re not taking care of the business element, you could very well struggle to reach your full potential.

“At Mr Soot, we set our stall out from the beginning by putting systems and processes into place with the customer at the heart of everything we do.

“I have a real passion for developing people and helping them grow. The most successful entrepreneurs embrace change and new challenges.

“I can’t wait to help play my part in both helping to raise standards in our industry, as well as supporting people who want to build their own successful, professional sweeping businesses.”

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