How COVID-19 is ALREADY affecting the 2020/21 Burning Season – And Why You Should Act NOW

By any measurement, 2020 has been a pretty unpredictable year.

So as we head into the 2020/21 burning season, and with talk of a potential second wave/lockdown never far from the news headlines, it’s even more important those with multi-fuel stoves, woodburners and open fires plan ahead.

Here’s my top tips to help keep your home fires burning as safely as possible…

Book Your Sweeping Appointment NOW

Ever since I went back to work in mid May, I have been flat out. Sweeping, installing, flue testing, birdguard fitting… you name it we’ve done it in the past few months. The diary is filling up fast as people are, even at this relatively early stage, booking in for September, October, November and December now. Sweeping diaries are going to be much fuller this year so PLEASE don’t leave it until the last minute. Book your sweeping appointment today.

Purchase Your Fuel Before September

This is good practice in ‘normal’ times, but in the event of another lockdown, the demand for solid fuel will rise. Even back in March, sales of smokeless fuel apparently went through the roof, closely followed by barbecue charcoal. People spending more time at home caused this. And with more people due to be either working from home or staying in more this autumn/winter, it’s sensible to get your order in now.

Refamiliarise Yourself With Good Burning Habits

There can be a tendency, when using stoves or open fires for longer periods of time, to want to ‘slumber’ the fire. The idea is that your fuel will last much longer. This is a bad move for a number of reasons. First and foremost, you will get very little heat from your fuel, but a lot of smoke. Not only is that bad for the ennvironment, it’s bad for your chimney and your bank balance. What’s the point of buying fuel and then not getting as much heat as possible from it? For some excellent hints and tips on how to use your appliance correctly, visit

Check Your Carbon Monoxide Alarm

It goes without saying that carbon monoxide alarms are a must for any property with any fuel burning appliance, be it wood, coal, gas or oil. Many get forgotten about and, before you know it, they stop working. With fires due to be on for longer, check your alarm is working – maybe even buy a spare. You never know when you might need it.

And finally…

In an uncertain world, the familarity of a warming fire is a real treat. In certainly beats watching all the gloom and doom on the TV. And if the worst happens, and we are forced to lock down again, by taking these steps you can ensure you’re well prepared…

Mr Soot Chimney Sweep is a HETAS Approved Sweep, and member of the Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, offering a professional and friendly chimney sweep and stove service. Book Mr Soot online or call 0800 0541154.

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