5 Tips For a Great Barbecue

Fires aren’t just for keeping us warm in winter, they’re also necessary for a great barbecue in summer!

There’s nothing quite like the taste of barbecued food. Whether it’s beefburgers, sausages or even corn on the cob, al fresco cooking is the way to go!

Although it’s something we’ve done for generations, there are still people who don’t know how to get the best out of their barbecue.

So here’s five top tips to ensure your own barbecue is a roaring success!

Use Charcoal or Wood

This may sound obvious, but there are plenty of people who try to burn anything on their barbecue. Despite its name, charcoal is not the same as normal household coal or smokeless coal. Charcoal is dervived from wood, and it is created by burning wood in very specific conditions to create charcoal. It’s lighter than normal coal and also very porous. But crucially, it is safer to use when cooking. So when choosing your fuel, stick to either charcoal or good quality, seasoned wood.

Don’t be a silly fuel

Would you put petrol on your burger? Thought not… but that’s what you’re effectively doing by using a splash of unleaded to get your fire going. The most effective way of lighting a barbecue is to use good, old fashioned matches (or a lighter) and paper. That way, you’re keeping it all ‘natural’.

Preparation Is Key

If you’re wanting to eat your food at 5pm, light the barbecue at around 4pm. This gives the charcoal or wood time to heat through, and therefore it will cook the food thoroughly.

Be Patient

Related to the above point, food needs heat to cook. Again, pretty obvious be there are those who stick their meat on the barbecue when the flames are roaring. All this does is burn the meat on the outside and leave it raw on the inside. Don’t do it – you’ll be disappointed.

… And finally, stay safe!

Barbecues are fun, but it’s no laughing matter when you end up in A&E afterwards with a painful burn on your hand. Fire is safe as long as you treat it with respect. Mess around or take risks and you’re asking for trouble. Stay safe!

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