Services & Price List

I believe in being open, honest and offering a transparent pricing system which is fair and excellent value for money. Every chimney, and how it works, is different but I’ve tried – as far as possible – to provide flat fees so there’s no nasty surprises.

Please see below for details as well as Terms & Conditions:

Standard Sweeping

  • Lined stoves and small open fires – from £70 Book now
  • Small Open Gas Fire – from £70 Book now
  • Large Orginal Openings/Dog Grates – from £90 Book now

* Please note standard sweeping does not include removal of nests, wildlife and other blockages from a chimney. See below for prices and other T&Cs*


  • Bird’s Nest (Sept -Jan only) – From £250. All nest removals include  a CCTV inspection to confirm that the flue is clear of debris. See T&Cs below for details on gas fires, sweep access and fireplace location. Please note that, in accordance with the Wildlife & Countryside Act, it is an offence to destroy a live nest. As such, our policy is not to remove nests which are suspected of capable of being live between the months of February and August inclusive. Book now.
  • Chemical Tar Removal Service – From £250. This is a chemical treatment applied to a flue which has large deposits of tar or creosote. Removal of these deposits is essential as using the flue while in this state can cause a chimney fire. Tar and creosote must also be removed before fitting a liner. See T&Cs below for details on gas fires, sweep access and fireplace location.  Book now.
  • Hardened Soot Blockage – £130. This is usually required when soot and tar has built up over a period of time and has resulted in a blocked flue and cannot be removed through the normal, standard sweeping process. Please note this is not applicable to bird nests, which is a separate service. Book now.


STOVE SERVICING (only available as part of a sweep)

  • Stove rope replacement (single door) – from £35
  • Stove rope replacement (double door) – from £45
  • Flue collar resealing – £20
  • Flue Debris Collar Supply & Fit – £30
  • Glass cleaning – £10
  • Stove bricks – Prices vary depending on manufacturer.


  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms – £25
  • Stove Pipe Thermometer – £10
  • Birdguards (supply and fit) – From £150

Terms & Conditions – Please Read Carefully

Inspection Fee – £40: In the event of being unable to sweep an appliance due to access issues, inappropriate installation or other hazards present, I reserve the right to charge a standard £40 Inspection Fee. This will include bespoke advice on the nature of the fault(s), suggested remedial actions and, where relevant, completion of appropriate documentation. 

Missed Appointment Fee – £40: A call out fee of £40 will be applied if, upon arriving at an appointment, I am unable to gain access to a property for any reason. To reschedule or cancel appointments, please call 07724311992 by noon the day beforehand.

Ladder/Loft Access Charge – From £20 upwards dependent on height/access Some flues require soot removal from the system by accessing a soot hatch either outside the property or in the loft space. Sometimes this is only available by use of a ladder. Price varies dependent on access and height required

Gas Fires – Some gas fires require disconnection before a flue serving a gas appliance can be swept. This must be undertaken by a Gas Safe registered engineer and is to be arranged by the customer at their own cost.

Flue and Fireplace Location/Height Charges: Fireplaces other than those on the ground floor will incur an additional charge of £10 per flue. Properties which are taller than 2 storeys in height will incur an additional fee of £10 per storey, per flue.

Live bird/wildlife rescue: Any works undertaken to remove a live bird/wildlife from a flue or fireplace will incur an additional charge of from £20, depending on amount of time taken,

Preparation for the sweeping appointment: Appliances must not be used at all in the 24 hours leading up to an appointment. Please remove any ash/debris/other items from the fire grate so it is clear. I require a space of around 6ft in front of the fireplace, so please move any coffee tables/furniture and items from the hearth.

Payment is due at the end of each appointment. Cash or card payments are accepted.