5 times the media got it WRONG on wood burners this week

I’ve blogged previously about the massively inaccurate reports about solid fuel fires in the home.

In the past week, the Government launched its Clean Air Strategy – prompting another avalanche of misreporting. I’ve had customers who were convinced that the end is nigh for their much-cherished stove or open fire. Once I explained the facts, they were more angry at being mislead by their trusted news source more than anything else.

I completely share their frustration. Here’s just five instances where the media got it completely wrong:

‘Burners ban’ – The Sun

Not only was the headline wrong, but the first sentences claims that wood is going to be banned as well! Take it from me, woodburners are not going to be banned. If you have a stove currently, or you are planning to get one, then carry on as normal. The only difference is that in the future, only certain types of stoves will be available for sale. That said, quite how that will be policed with almost anything being available on the internet remains to be seen.

As for wood, the government is looking at possibly restricting sales of wet/unseasoned wood, but no final decision has been made on this. Normal seasoned/kiln dried logs will still be available as is the case now.

‘Emits more particles per hour than a diesel truck’ – BBC News

This is yet another case of taking a very worst case scenario and presenting it as being indicative of every instance of wood burning. The fact is that, if used properly with the correct fuels, woodburning can be pretty much a carbon neutral process. Moreover, the wet wood debate is a complete red herring. Anyone who has tried to burn wet wood knows that it is a very poor performing fuel. It rarely ignites properly and generates little to no heat. In my experience, most pollution is from people burning dry wood at the incorrect temperature.

‘Woodburners and open fires face restrictions’ – BBC News

This is again a fairly lazy ‘catch all’ headline. Any restrictions would, in the case of woodburners, be either in the type of fuel used on them or the design of any future stoves available on the market. As for open fires, the only likely change is that the use of housecoal will be banned. Other than that, you’d be hard pressed to find a way of restricting anything!

‘Might not be able to use your stove by 2022’ – Wigan Today

This is perhaps the most inaccurate of all the media reports this week. On the face of it, the casual reader would assume that their current appliance would be basically illegal to use in three years. That is simply not true. Again, there is a massive misunderstanding about what changes will be enacted in the future, and the assumption they will affect current appliances. They won’t.

And finally…

I saw this on the TV news and groaned inwardly. Please please please NEVER EVER stack your logs by your fire like this. It’s a massive fire and carbon monoxide risk. I’ve had customers tell me how they’ve been woken from their beds in the dead of night by the smell of smouldering logs in the living room. There’s further info on the perils here but, put simply, don’t do it.

How YOU can get better informed

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4 thoughts on “5 times the media got it WRONG on wood burners this week

  1. Thanks for explaining this , i have had so many arguments from people who read ,eg the mail . I live in a truck ,my only heat source is a multi fuel burnner and i did laugh about the so called people burnning wet wood .:)

  2. May thanks for taking time out to advise of these incorrect statements, they’re exactly as I thought all wrong! Unfortunately people still believe what the powers that be say rather than using their own common sense about what they see & use in their own environment …
    You only have to look at a line of lorries waiting at traffic lights to consider the clean air around them, or should I add lack of clean air!
    Michael Give in his infinite wisdom is definitely barking up the wrong tree & should be tackling the lorries that frequent our motorways & cities before condemning how we heat our homes, when all people are trying to do is lessen their carbon footprint, teaching folks to buy & shop locally will further reduce their carbon footprint, but this doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s agenda sadly …

    Thanks again …

  3. Well done Mr Soot, all points valid but the power of the press is very strong. Over time they have changed uk governments almost overnight, IMHO. Also as well as the vehicles pumping out PM2.5, has anybody not thought of airplanes, most of the fuel used is getting off the ground to 30K feet, on the outskirts of major (populated) cities, leaving a trail of pollution through the rain heavy clouds ready to drop on the unwary.

  4. Its about time the Government spent more time resolving the plastic problem ah but then its a by-product of the petrol industry. All the diesel fuel the ships use to transport half way round the globe to China (who have now stopped taking our rubbish). Ps threw my slippers at tv after seeing women drying her logs within recess with stove….

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