New fire, new home? Don’t light it just yet…

Get your chimney swept in a new house

Congratulations – your new home has a fire already installed! So you can just crack on with getting some wood or coal and see what’s it’s like, right?

Please, don’t do that. Take some time to read this, it could save your life….

See, when you buy a home, you have no idea what condition the chimney or appliance is in.

For instance, was it installed correctly?  Has it been swept in the past six months by a sweep trained to national standards?What fuels were the previous occupants burning? Does it have a bird’s nest or something else blocking the flue?Is there a Carbon Monoxide Alarm and, if so, is it correctly fitted?

Some fires will have been in since the house was built. It may not have been used for a long time so may have deteriorated.

Lighting a fire where the appliance or chimney flue hasn’t been checked is not only foolish, in certain circumstances it could prove fatal.

Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer. You can’t taste, smell or see it. There are too many reported instances of people dying because they lit a fire which was either badly fitted or had something blocking the chimney and never woke up.

It really isn’t worth it – get your fire checked. It could literally be a lifesaver.

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