Woodburners and Stoves – 5 Pros and Cons

Stoves are incredibly popular now, But the choice and competing issues at play can be a bit overwhelming,

So here are a few of the pros and cons about stoves and woodburners to help you choose.

Stoves and Woodburners – The Positives

Efficiency: In terms of heat, they pump a lot more into the room than an open fire. Some models claim that it loses only 20% of heat to the chimney, compared to 70% for open fire. In short, you get more warmth for your money.

More control: It’s really easy to manage the burning in a stove. By using the air controls, you can either have a low or high burn.

Cleaner and Safer: With the burning taking place behind glass, there’s no chance of sparks burning a hole in your carpet or ash spilling onto the hearth.

No chimney? No problem!: Thanks to advances in technology, you don’t need a traditional brick chimney to have a stove. Twin wall flue systems are popular, but there are a number of factors to consider – your Hetas-registered installer will be able to advise you.

Choice of styles: Whether it is traditional or contemporary you are looking for, there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Stoves and Woodburners: The Negatives

Temptation to Slumber: Because you can turn the air supply right down, some people try to slumber the fire (i.e. – keep it in overnight). This causes a massive amount of smoke which is not only bad for the environment, but can also cause tar, soot and creosote to build up in your chimney.

They Can Be Too Hot: Believe me, stoves kick out a lot of heat. And sometimes they can get just too hot. A nice problem to have? Maybe but once the hear starts, you have little control over it.

Period Feature?: If you’re determined to have a period fireplace in your Victorian, Georgian or Edwardian home, stoves can look a little out of place. These homes rarely had such appliances in the living area, and old stoves are usually not well made. When it comes to staying safe, it’s wise to choose a new model which conforms to current standards.

More parts to replace: The baffle plate, firebricks and glass may need replacing at some point. The rope seals on the doors only really last a few years, although it’s not expensive to replace.

Available space: Stoves tend to take up more space, and it’s likely your chimney will need some structural amendments such as an enlarged builder’s opening (new lintel).

Hope you find this informative. Remember, if you have a question, please do contact me – I’m always happy to help!

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