Why your chimney liner needs a sweep

Soot collected by Wigan chimmey sweep

Recently, I swept a multi fuel stove in a bungalow just outside Wigan. It hadn’t been swept for three years and the occupants burned both house coal and wood.

Four bucket loads of soot later and the flue was clean again.

The homeowners were flabbergasted by the amount of muck which had came out of their chimney.

“We didn’t think a lined chimney needed sweeping,” said the customer.

But not only did the liner need sweeping, but because it is in a bungalow, it actually needs sweeping much more regularly. See, shorter flues get sooted up faster. Going three years without having it swept risked causing a chimney fire. Luckily, they used my Wigan chimney sweep service in the nick of time, so the chimney is now clear.

The moral of the story? Every chimney needs sweeping, whether it is lined or not. And if you live in a bungalow, it needs to be swept with greater frequency.

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