Why use Mr Soot?

Every chimney which is in use needs to be swept. It’s the only way to ensure there is a safe passageway for dangerous gases to leave the house, and to stop a potential chimney fire

Sweeping should be undertaken by someone who has received appropriate training.

Enthusiastic amateurs (even when armed with the right equipment) can unwittingly cause no end of damage to a flue – leaving you with a hefty repair bill.

When you book Mr Soot, you are guaranteed a friendly. professional and impartial service, giving you peace of mind.

As a certified sweep through The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps, I use a combination of traditional and modern sweeping methods, depending on the task at hand.

Each sweep consists of the following as standard:

  • Visual inspection of the chimney stack
  • Inspection of the inside of your fire and lower flue16426637_405480716457815_1842982429_n-1
  • The sealing off of your appliance to ensure dust and soot does not enter the room during the normal sweeping process
  • Removal of fallen soot from the grate using a modern, powerful vacuuming
  • Carbon Monoxide Alarm check (installations are offered for an additional fee)
  • Smoke evacuation test to ensure your flue is drawing any dangerous fumes and gases away properly
  • Bespoke advice depending on any issues which come to light as a result of my checks
  • Issue of certificate/documentation which is recognised by insurance companies and backed by The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps

I cover a large area of the North West, including Lancashire, Cheshire, High Peak and Greater Manchester and have weekend appointments available.

Don’t delay, book me online now!