How To Get Your Dream Fireplace: Our 5-Step Process

Trying to find someone to fit a real fireplace isn’t difficult. A simple internet search will reveal plenty.

But understanding how individual companies work can be exasperating.

Everyone is different, and so your fireplace is likely to reflect your home, lifestyle and tastes.

You may be completely new to all this, want some guidance. Or you may have some ideas of your own. That’s no problem at all. Our 5 step guide is here to help you.

We’re open about our process, which is tailored to giving you as many options as possible. So here’s how we do things…

Step One: Book An Inspection

First things first; when installing a new fire, it is required under building regulations that the flue is cleared of debris and is fit for purpose.

That’s why, whenever we fit a new fireplace, we insist on it being swept and CCTV inspected beforehand as a minimum.

This service, which is chargeable, also allows us to gather other important information. More information on why we regard a CCTV inspection as a must can be found here.

This, in turn, enables us to be as accurate as possible when estimating.

For instance, our inspection may reveal need:

– A certain type of terminal

– A new opening support

– Repair works done on the chimney itself

– Or other essential works which can’t be foreseen when quoting over the phone/emails.

We also need to check that access to the chimney top is suitable to enable us to work as safely as possible.

All these variables can affect the overall cost. So we’d rather have as much information as possible to share with you at the beginning.

Better to have this than needing to revise an estimate several times once you’ve agreed, which is the last thing anyone wants…

Sound good so far?

Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Step Two: Receive Our Feedback/Estimate

Once we’ve assessed the situation following the sweep and CCTV inspection, we will advise on the next steps.

If it’s something we can help with, we will then send you our estimate.

If we can’t help, then all is not lost because the flue has now been cleaned and checked.

We provide you with official paperwork to this effect which you are free to do with as you wish.

At this point, you’re under no obligation to use us – but of course if you want to, we,d be delighted!

Estimates are valid for two weeks from the day it is sent and you, naturally, are free to contact us for any further clarification or follow up questions.

Step Three: Agree a Date & Pay Your Deposit

So you’re happy with our service so far and want to book in? Great, let’s arrange a date for works to commence!

At this stage we will want you to pay a deposit. The amount varies between installations, but it will be detailed in your estimate.

Step Four: Time For Us To Get To Work!

So the big day has arrived and it’s time for us to weave our magic.

Depending on the nature of the works undertaken, it can take between one day and a few days to finish an installation.

You will be kept updated throughout. We pride ourselves on communication.

All Mr Soot solid fuel installations are officially signed off under Building Regulations and you will receive all necessary paperwork.

Step Five – Pay The Remaining Balance

Once work is complete, we will ask you to pay the remaining balance.

But don’t forget that even though it’s the ‘end’ of this process, we’re also available for other works in the future.

We provide annual sweeping and maintenance appointments, as well as advice and guidance on a range of solid fuel related issues.

Customers come back to us year after year because they love the way we do things.

They love our values, our ethos and how we just love everything solid fuel related.

Rest assured, with Mr Soot, you are always guaranteed a prompt, professional and friendly service!

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