Will my home get dirty while you are sweeping?

Thankfully, the stereotypical view of a chimney sweep, face caked in soot, is a thing of the past. The modern sweep uses the latest equipment to ensure your home is kept as clean as possible. On each sweep, the appliance is sealed off and the soot is removed with a special, high powered vacuum. Dust sheets are also used to keep any residual dust to a minimum.

How should I prepare for your visit?

A chimney sweep needs space to work. Please ensure there are no ornaments or other objects on the hearth or mantelpiece, and that there is enough space in front of the fireplace to set up work. A 6ft x 6ft clear space is ideal. Also, please ensure children and pets are not in the room while the sweeping process is underway.

Can I light a fire before your visit?

A sweep cannot take place if the fire is lit, or the grate/flue is hot. That is why I ask that the appliance is not used for the 24 hours before my visit, and that there is no ash or debris in the grate on my arrival.

What areas do you cover?

My ‘patch’  includes parts of Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Click on the links for more information.

What do you charge?

I have a transparent pricing structure. See Services & Price List for full details.

How can I pay?

You can either pay cash or card on the day. If you wish to pre-pay, please let me know and I will send a payment link

And finally, can you do a good Dick Van Dyke impression?

I’m still working on that!