Sweeping & Nest/Tar Removal Services

Flues need to be swept regularly to ensure they remain in as safe a condition as possible.

Whether you are burning wood, coal, smokeless fuel or gas, chimneys can be become blocked – affecting the performance of your fire place and putting you at risk of Carbon Monoxide poisoning (aka The Silent Killer).

Mr Soot is a fully insured, HETAS-Approved chimney sweep and a member of The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps. We specialise in:

Chimney cleaning – brick flues, stainless steel flexible liners, clay sectional liners, cast in situ liners and factory made Twin Wall Insulated systems

Wigan chimney birds nest

CCTV footage of a bird’s nest in a Wigan chimney

Bird Nest Removal – Ensuring your chimney is free of debris from birds such as Jackdaws and Starlings. Please note live nests cannot be removed by law during the nesting season

Live Bird Removal – Ensuring any bird which has fallen down your chimney is removed

Tar/Creosote Removal – Using specialist products and equipment, we can get these highly flammable products out of your chimney

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