Specialist Chimney Services

As well as straightforward chimney sweeping, we offer comprehensive range of specialist chimney services.

New Homeowner Inspection Service Ideal for those who have moved into a new property with an existing fireplace with little recorded history of its installation/usage.

Flue Integrity & Pressure Testing – To check whether your chimney is safe to use.

CCTV Inspections  – To check for blockages and help identify issues which may be causing a danger

Chimney Drone Inspections – Ideal for those who have taller chimneys which would normally need scaffolding to check for necessary repairs

Chemical Tar and Creosote Treatment and Removal – Ensuring that flammable deposits are removed from the flueway

Bird Nest Removal Taking out twigs, debris and other nesting materials in accordance with the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981

Mr Soot is a qualified, HETAS-Approved, OFTEC-registered, master chimney sweep, meaning you are guaranteed a comprehensive and professional service at all times.